Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mother Earth

Poetry of Mother Earth 2

I don’t want to hear the words Mother Earth again, so boring, says the 40+ journalist in the morning paper devoted to explaining what to expect of events before ever their meaning could be any more apparent than that of a cosmic ray striking a fragment of gonadal DNA on the way to destruction or producing Einstein or a cancer, which may not a different outcome to a nearby wolf.
I say to him Confine your indifference to your own possibilities in life. She needs none of us.

That’s the problem we have journeyed towards for 50 centuries or more, since the invention of agriculture and writing, more and more humans have tried to avoid hearing the words “Mother Earth”. If you had a Mother who for sure would outlive you, might you not be appalled, feel trapped? How much worse if she is willing to provide all you need for life, if you are but willing to use it respectfully. This Mother has built self destructive mechanisms into her gifts, which you may not reject. You will swallow that medicine whether you wish it or not. Whether it becomes good medicine or a poison to you, depends on what your body does with it. Tobacco is sacred, or it is a poison, it's up to you. You'd better get control over your body. Be sure she will watch your death indifferently if you abuse her food.

Since you have such a Mother, whose food you must eat whether you die of it or no, how can you deal with her? She also gave you intelligence. If you did choose to use it, you would be among the few. Standing Wolf whoseesus Julio Donato Nov. 25 08

Sunday, November 16, 2008

trend I like

JulioDonatosHabitat Bulletin 111608

When Medical healing looked like the way to gain the top of the money and power tree, men drove out the witches who were running the healing space and took it over as Doctors of Medicine. They required University degrees and other methods of excluding all but those rich enough to join the club. Then, other fields for financial and covert political dominance opened up, medicine was no longer where it was at, men left, and women were allowed in.

The same thing has happened with the Law. Lawyers were all men when law was the route to power and money. When that shifted to high power financial manipulation, mufunds hedge funds, currency gambling, men left and women were allowed in. Same story in all of the engineering and mathematics and Physics so-called disciplines.

Note that a recent telling manifestation of this pernicious social fact is demonstrated in the US election result. Now that the Presidency of the USA was no longer worth having, the way was clear for an idiotic ignorant white man and and an equally dysfunctional white woman and an intelligent amazingly qualified black man and the woman he walks with to run for it.

This story tells us that we can look forward, should this be a permanent fact of human sociology, to the day when the education factories, and the religions of the white culture will be so out of favour, that schools will be used exclusively for communal natural way studies and the pulpits of otherwise disused churches will be converted to sweat lodges and private pipe ceremonies, and four day fasting celebration dances to drums and songs the animals understand. When the old man God in Heaven based illusionary white culture will have been assimilated into the mystery god earth bound reality based culture of the traditional Red Road. A way we have all been born into, living here on Turtle Island, North America.

Donato Standing Wolf whoseesus m’iingan enaaniibwid giniwaabmiigyan
Nov. 16 08

Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the path, where am I, what next?

My Bio found at www.donatopoetry.com/bio

Questions on my creative work

1. What do I want to make
2. What do I want to experience?
3. Where do these two come together?
4. What do I want others to want from me?
5. What others do I want to be involved with, and how?
6. What do I think I know?
7. What evidence do I have that others want to experience my knowledge or creative output?

My web site is obsolete. I've been trying to use it to publicize my stuff, possibly sell some poetry, or photographs, or CD.s, but got no interest. Now, I'm planning to give away most of that stuff, offer it free or for the cost of mailing copies. Here's a link to it. I'd welcome comments on how to present this stuff more usefully, so that anyone likely to be interested in owning or using any of it themselves can discover it. www.donatopoetry.com

Julio Donato
10:am July 17 08

More thoughts, the conditions on Web communications:

1. Free stuff
with the Net, eyeballs and ears travel and pick up free information and head trip experiences, why pay when you can get quick hits of unlimited entertainment, information, excitement, free?

2. Co-operation in creativity:
I'll read and use yours if you'll read and use mine. People everywhere share their pics words music, use each other's stuff for their raw material.
People not passive voyeurs but active participants, they put out their stuff saying "see me see me hear me", they comment on each other's stuff, they offer suggestions.

3. Return to tribal life ways:

The learning mode is by experience and sharing, not by listening to a guru, or memorizing and regurgitating. The building mode is by collaboration and equal sharing, How were the TIPI and the IGLOO first made? Not by some architect, selling his skill for money, but by hundreds of people over time working together to create the prettiest most efficient and effective dwelling for their purpose and habitat.

And that's my goal too...

To create the prettiest, most efficient, and effective dwelling for my life purpose and habitat.

Julio Donato
11:10 am July 17 08
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