Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Contrary to Popular Opinion

Contrary to Popular Opinion...Our  machines are alive

We have sold ourselves into bondage to robots. We have invented robots that now control us, force us to do their bidding, service them, maintain them, grow new ones.

These are the apparatus of our  society. All the apparatus, roads, factories, mines, transport systems, energy systems, fields of farmed houses, factory agriculture, schools and institutions. All are born of our engineering release of petroleum from its bondage and its destruction in the conversion of earth’s resources to the robot structure we now cannot live without, and must foster or die.

From inanimate wheels and ploughs, human history has progressed to live tools that we now spend nearly all our time and human energy servicing. We care not, we dare not care, they are destroying the habitat for all life as they proliferate, making the world in their image, a dead planet.  Like Mars, named after the God of War, the God of the edge between forest and field, between “pagan” and "civilised",  between accepting life as a gift, from one living so that another may live, to taking life by killing, with no gratitude nor even thought, for the sacrifice.

The progress to destruction has been swift. From the invention of the wheel, to roads, to agriculture, midwived by the engineering genius of Archimedes and the Greek aberration of belief that Mystery can be exposed and explained by reason. Humans have abdicated decisions about how to live and die to their machinery, which knows nor cares anything for Mystery, and so has made the suicidal challenge to the Creator, that the dead can be brought to life. Aesclepius, greatest of the Greek physicians did this, and was burnt to a crisp by Zeus for his presumption, as indeed our robots and ourselves are about to be...

Yes it is true that without us our machinery would wear out, disintegrate. But so too would we, if the bacteria in our bodies were to disappear. So how are we more “alive”, than this our machinery we must support, or die?