Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Don't Take it Personally

Don't Take it Personally Unless You Want To

Please note that whatever I say here is just Donato talking to himself...use it freely, take it personally,  if you wish. Otherwise trash it..

Right Living in the Age of Uncertainty

Right Living in the Age of Uncertainty

1. Do not feel guilty about being uncertain. Do not be impatient, too swift in trying to get back into control.

2. I don’t know what’s right for my children to do with their lives, or how they should live, but...

3. I can invite them to participate in basic life rituals that give them the grounding to use their own healthy intuitions to make their own decisions and be accountable to themselves for the outcomes.
The Rituals

Rite of passage: birth and first foods and first relationships
                          safe exploration of the world born into
Rite of passage:  to adulthood, First bleeding for women, Manhood ceremony for men
Union for the sake of children and of their future (members of a creative universe, we         
                     cannot escape our duty to take part)
Learning and practicing survival skills: gardening (as an extension of our body as garden, not mechanism), communicating, making, doing
Creating our individual Death Song
Rite of passage: Celebration of Death