Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What is life for?

What is life for?

1. To develop an apparatus to experience life to the fullest possible extent of that apparatus and its environment…

2. To replicate the organism’s DNA which transmits life. Whatever the result, the history of that organism’s chemistry, DNA and neuronal programming will generate inevitable outcomes, the product of a multitude of interactions internal and external, from the beginning capacities, modified by the programming of experience… 

The organism makes no conscious choices as it grows. All its predetermined actions cause interactions that in turn predetermine future actions… Even as I think I have choice, what I manifest in action proceeds from previous programs…

 If you want to know my references for this, I can only say you would have to examine my 83 year history plus the histories bequeathed to me in my DNA and adjuncts that come with it, and any quantum entanglements or time entanglements to which I have been subjected. 

Donato April 28   2018

Inevitability.. story of my life

Inevitability.. story of my life

My dream of long ago.. God speaks to me saying “ I give you what you want before you ask”

Inevitability … The word describes my history, all of my experience, and that  of every living and non-living. 

Actualizing our DNA history, our life experience, is only an aspect of experience. Not of some honouring, not out of superiority - no thing, living or not is superior to all others - All have their capacities and skills.

 Kant ….we should care less about our happiness and other’s virtues and more about our own virtues and other’s happiness..   

Not be merely tolerant but fully accepting- to always seek to activate the mirror neurons…

be a root that encounters an obstacle,  perhaps a rock, and moves around it seeking only to grow..

So when we interact in some sexy games out of what is either desire/desire, or desire acquiescence, as equals or out of deference to  power.. and I gain later an understanding of some of my earlier programming that led to that desire and that choice and effort to manifest that action and you are later re-traumatized by the memory,   what is my role now?  How can I be taught some truth for myself by a twitter message? How? When I need an essay , need to essay a climb back along the paths of hill and memory to possibly re-frame my neuronal programming around a whole set of incidents to avoid getting stuck in either guilt or repetition… “mindless repetition” or “programmed” repetition .

Every action I take has  behind it the energy and the pattern formed by millions of neuronal events from my entire history - and maybe some from the universe that encapsulates me with quantum entanglements and time entanglements . I cannot act therefore out of “free will”. My “will” is predetermined antecedent to whatever act I perform believing I am free.. 

In this I am no different from that rock falling off a mountain.. whose action is the end result of billions of years of history acting on its elements… and so are all my deeds..

So, you say, you can choose to act wantonly, crazily, whatever you choose for self-gratification- since “you” are not responsible. Well, you might do that or you might not. Others will call you responsible or irresponsible, you may go your way unimpeded or get locked up. and you will do what you will do  whether you read and believe what I have written or not… 

in my dream of long ago.. God speaks to me saying “ I give you what you want before you ask”

This I now read as a paraphrase of scientific validation describing the life and behaviour of my neurons,  collectively, they are God,  and I will get what they dictate I will get… and “my” part can only be to be interested in the result. (see what I have written under, (“what is life for”)

This is my connection to all of life and non-life, the seen and the unseen. We are all holograms for the Medicine Wheel, no part superior or inferior to any other. (reference my publication with Suzanne Nadon 'Walking the Medicine Wheel Path”,

The only “I” in all this is that empty one who witnesses all,  mirrors all witnessed… and simply laughs at the idea of taking credit or blame for whatever the outcome of “my” apparatus’ choices in the moment. And I have reached a sufficient programmed understanding of how my actions might hurt another or have caused suffering or pain in another, so that my actions either avoid that, or seek to redress the damage.. This our culture calls “adult” behaviour….

Whether a rock, or an earthworm, we are all subject to the forces of history of billions of years attached to our every particle, none of our actions subject to conscious choice, since whatever happens in the moment is but an act predetermined by our history, which we cannot retrace or remember in all its complex detail.. some of it indeed no long recorded, as if we had climbed up by a ladder and then kicked the ladder away.. 

And if I abuse the trust placed in me by the Universe that gives me life, I will reap the consequences of breaking those laws of natural morality, ie.  natural inevitability, which I cannot escape. 

Donato  Apr. 23  2018

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Vivisection? Not!!

Vivisection? Not!!

We have evolved, and continue to evolve, in our understanding  of our relationship to all “matter” in the Universe. So now I am clear that animal lives matter. They matter to themselves as much and in the same way as our human lives matter to ourselves.  There is no longer any rational or emotional excuse for saying that humans are not animals, or are a “superior” order of animals…  

Our scientifically validated knowledge of the processes of genetics and evolution of DNA and the consequent infinite string of small differences between one life form and the next… means we can no longer pretend we are greatly superior in our life form. Every year that passes we learn more about the community life of animals, (and also plants!) their family lives, their languages, their feelings of pain and empathy,  their problem-solving abilities… The direction of time’s arrow is certain, we are drawing closer to them, culturally, with every new scientific revelation…  Looking to what will be the future, the conclusion is clear now. We should not interact with animals in any way that, if they could speak, they would object to…

Given the foregoing argument, we are evidently totally unscientific to continue to put humans on the pedestal that they were assigned to in the Bible and other out-of-date historical “truths”. And thus justify our barbaric practices in raising animals for meat and conducting “vivisection“ on their bodies and minds as though they were “morally” just unfeeling insentient objects.

As a final argument, obviously we have used our “superior” brains to isolate ourselves from our DNA-based connections to the natural world around us,  By creating a technology-based instrumental attitude to everything in nature, we have led ourselves to the brink of destroying all life on earth… And we have not used our supposed superiority to give us the means to both predict it and work together,  to avert this catastrophe… Wolves have lived 200 000 centuries of productive family and ecologically useful lives on Planet Earth. How are we “superior” to they who have not come close to the damage we done in but 4 centuries or so ? …

Please, let us have no more unthinking unprofessional descriptions from scientists about their use of animals in any way that harms their lives. Of course it will take us a little longer to understand how the human brain processes memories... if we choose not to perform invasive experiments on mice bred to be slaves for the sole purpose of being mangled and observed… In the meantime, we can use observe humans, and learn to understand how they behave, and maybe, learn,  to behave better. 

Donato Cianci Jan. 30, 2018.,,