Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Human Life

"Modern Life" we live "out of balance". It's name is "gimee gimee me too me too".

Human Life

Name it as what it does for you, the way the old people named medicines, fever berry and so on.

Under the God of Science; Linear and disconnected, un whole some.

Health- diagnosis, prescription
Healthy body/mind
Healthy emotions/spirit

Under the Creating Universe, the Name is Balance: a Medicine Wheel

For Mind, Mouse giving attention
For Body, Bear standing tall
For Emotions, Hawk soaring
For Spirit, Buffalo grazing

Start with what is emergent
From the egg/sperm
The unformed forming itself
Informing itself in communication
The web of energies
Transforming into form
Refining that form
A hologram a fractal
The Universe in a grain
Not a part
But an emergent whole
A grain in a Universe
Not a part but a whole

We have words
To plant to grow

Thoughts and actions
Actions that require food
Of thought to grow
The emergent form
Carrying the words/thoughts/actions
The histories and capabilities
The memories and forgetting
Of this form emerging

I am speaking of a garden
Whose tasks are...

The new garden
Like any baby
Calls out to what s around
For what it needs
To get going and growing
As a garden keeper
Your job is to recognise
Our language and respond
To garden s questions and demands
My language as garden
Is not subtle not abstract
I tell you plainly what In I need
What I want for harmony
And a good way to grow
To be fully productive
As I can be
As garden I will
Enthusiastically grow what you wish
So long as you are sensitive
To my capabilities
Do not ask me to harbour
Too many different kinds of people
Fighting with each other
Do not ask me to produce well
What does not thrive In this place
I have no parts
I am not a machine
I am a community
Of emergent whole entities

One for all and
All for one

You and I
Brother sister stewards
Are in this together

The community of different entities
Of which you are one
Has health stimulation nutrient needs
As a garden too
Fluctuations in temperature of air and soil
And the Maple to store and retrieve
Its delectable life giving juices
So I the steward
Aid mine riding my bicycle daily
We all all living together
Have our together separate nutrient needs
The language we speak those needs
Is plain in our outward bodies
What this writing calls
Symptoms of our health
Kind words and messages
Lack of stress with our surround
These too we all need
We each have territories
We will defend
We strive to extend
So we must learn to negotiate
Cooperate collude and conspire
Success in growing
Attaining another season
Procreating and raising the young
Hoped for always
Not guaranteed

Our Modern lives we live “Out of Balance”

Science “out of balance” causes the gifts of makers to become threats.

Computers and mathematics and human pride and arrogance have destroyed the economic model we humans use to conduct commerce on a global scale.

The South Sea Islanders with only their outrigger sailing vessels for transport conducted their commerce over the global world they knew and never failed until they were given western science tools. Now they are caught in our failure.

All this from too much science in the hands of a few powerful “out of balance"” with the means to exploit the market and the addictions to consumption of humans everywhere.

Energy producers empowered by science without moral controls have put “out of balance” amounts’ of power in the hands of vast populations of adults with the mentality of children, “gimmee gimmee gimmee, me too, me too, me too”.

These have ripped the land, created vast pollution and waste in earth’s land, atmosphere, seas, lakes and rivers, depleted underground aquifers, never to be replenished.

Balance for me would be to take only what I can and will put back.

Balance for the planet would be to ensure no species of life becomes so dominant as to consume the habitat for all. Signs are we are near a failure in this balance through unheeding profligate use of science and “out of balance” power sources created by science.

We have given our power as human individuals to scientific systems which have no heart or feelings to guide them. We no longer care for our gardens ourselves. We no longer recognise gardens of health, of our bodies, of our community relations; all are reduced in our thinking to immoral machinery. So we are out of balance with a universal harmony which requires personal responsibility for our actions and their outcomes.

We are created to be responsible for all the outcomes of our lives and those who depend on our stewardship, who depend on us to be a nurturing entity in their communities of living.

We are not “parts” in a mechanical system. We are whole entities emergent in a living emergent community of whole entities.

“Out of balance” we think ourselves to be parts instead of wholes.
We use mechanics in factories and garages to build and maintain our means of transport. We ask mechanics in factories of so-called health systems to “deliver” our babies whole and free of defects, repair the ailments caused by food addictions, lack of proper stimulation of body exercise, stress of out of balance work and travel daily in polluted air, out of balance stress of walking on shoe leather on concrete or riding in cars, instead of going barefoot on the earth.

Our bodies tell us we are out of balance. Falling down of disease, of overweight. We need no statisticians to tell us our condition. We need only open our eyes, look around, be the living beings in community we are born to.

Eco History

Most of our history
Made into stored in words
Projected into pictures emotions
On our minds
Without them
The present would not be
To us to me
Some words we carry for centuries
In knapsacks of time
Eco the Greek word for house
Ecology mine yours minnows
Economy means taking little
Returning much
In our house out of balance
The word Economy is used to mean
Taking much giving little
My house be not a home
But a place where I
Display how much
You could take too
If you were worthy as I say I am
Living in out of balance consumption
Even my dying
Becomes a salesman's opportunity
I leave behind
A full house
A mountain of waste from the making
My death song
But a thin cry
Of despair
On the undisturbed air.

Sept. 26 2011
All this my statement about human life
As it would be to my soul’s delight
Who does not dance
In the light of burning cities
Who drinks bitter tears
Sorrowing murdered children murdered childhoods
Who would rather not
I had to write of this

That old Greek guy Euripides said
We know what to do
But do not do it

You know how to live
When did you ever begin

Science is a drug
As captivating as money as meditation
As seeking the unattainable

Sept. 28 2011

The Rule

Discover yourself and be that person.


Myself a member of a garden
Not an unthinking unfeeling robot
But a by-choice member
Bound by rules of propriety
And logic
And free to go or come
Within my limits
Chosen by my past
Nudged by intuition
Spirit voices whispering
Me onto a new path

Sand grains on this lake beach
Hear also loon s cry
Washed by cold waters
By moon and autumn s red
Are bound by what s around
Yet their forms emerge in time
As mine
Who though I have the will
Which they do not
I may only challenge fate
Not any more than they
Be master of it

Oct. 2 2011