Friday, April 25, 2014



The word contains and conflates “at one-ment”

So recognizing we have disturbed another’s path, perhaps that of earth life itself, we feel…what? and the word is this to heal the perhaps wound we seem to have caused. 

But how can we blame ourselves or others? Which of us knows the outcome of our actions?

All is one- there is no outcome particular to any one action which itself is part of the great flow, the One flow.  The error lies in the cultural use of the word, suggesting the need for guilt, or shame, for retribution or restoration, for sacrifice.

It’s about disturbing the balance (so-called) between good and evil. So if there be no final good, no final evil, there is no balance between them to disturb.

There is a balance though, between being aware of our own at one-ment with all, or being unaware. All I know right now is to act right now from my sense of natural justice, trusting in the flow, in the Tao. Thus I am at one, at one-ment, with the Tao, no matter who thinks I am responsible for some outcome he sees and doesn’t like.