Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Farmers and Banksters

Farmers and Banksters

Food security threatened

Owners of megafarms, shareholders far from the actual farms, don’t know, or if they do, don’t care, that their products and methods of farming are destroying the nutrient value of the soils, destroying the soil itself at rates much faster than it is being replaced. Modern genetically modified seed grains, are eliminating multi-varieties of ancient grains, replacing them (often by government and corporate free trade agreements forcing small farmers off their land) with monocultures which are susceptible to epidemic disease and may even be poisonous (wheat allergies are common now, likely because the wheat we eat is not is not the same as that our grandparents ate).

Increasing populations and global warming, and excessive water consumption to grow meat protein instead of plant protein, are rapidly depleting planetary supplies of fresh water, and there is no apparent solution to this.

The use of pesticides and herbicides and genetic modifications to seed grains needed to make large scale mechanical farming  “successful” or in the short term, “profitable”, are destroying insects and other life, particularly, honey bees, and soil microorganisms, on which most food plants depend for pollination, and therefore, for their usefulness as food for us.

People die quickly without access to food and water. Local wars and riots involving millions will flare over this.

Security of community and culture threatened

The banksters and all those in the “ financial world” have demonstrated they don’t understand how their products affect the global economic culture, and the risks to that culture, and the risks to local cultures which it has supplanted. Everywhere in the world governments and banksters  (mega-merchants) have combined to encourage people to put their present and old age security in the hands of an illusionary fiat money economic system which is now on the verge of total collapse and not one of those responsible has the least clue how to replace it, or what would work.

People become apathetic or violent when their culture collapses. When the world wide “American Hollywood Dream” culture collapses, the worst of human addictions to consumption will manifest in severe withdrawal symptoms, local predatory warfare, widespread epidemic disease and psychological depression.

Final Note

Humans finally left the Garden of Eden when we invented thinking and science as “manipulation of nature” not “wisdom” (thanks to that old witch burner, Francis Bacon) and used it to develop factory scale farming and global transportation based on cheap petroleum energy. (Cheap only because the dire and horrendously expensive environmental costs have never been counted).

Our mantra should be the living moral attitude of “conservation and reduced per person consumption”, not  the pursuit of mechanical “efficiency and effectiveness” . Our bodies are gardens , not mechanisms. We live in a world of gardens, not of mechanisms. Our every decision should take into account, should spiritually respect, the differing points of view of everything, all of life, and non-life.

Donato Aug. 14  2012  (from May 14 2012 journal)