Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Teen Age Years: a reconnection with spirit

The Teen Age Years: a reconnection with spirit

The teens are years of manifestation and re-connection with spiritual longing. We must no longer describe teen years as a time of crazy abnormal behaviour. Nor are they purely awakened sex drives. Teens are experiencing deeply emotional spiritual meanings, beyond mere sexual procreation.

The word says it,  “procreation”. “pro”, in favour of, “creation”. Teen age behaviour is a manifestation of deep desire, an awakening to the conscious experience of creation, all of creation, the entire Universe. Their ardent  desire insists they become conscious of themselves as also spiritual beings, not just a creator of more humans. Since our culture, the adults, never teachs them this, they must go seeking on their own without knowing for what they are looking. All they know is to bond with their desire. And so they ;appear to adults to some how be crazy, unmanageable, sexually driven.

In our beginning the spirit world birthed us to this planet. We spent our early years exploring new territory, gradually learning about our physicality in relation to all around. Gradually, we as young children lost our connection to the spirit world, that blissful (unconscious to our infant selves) place.  At puberty our bodies awaken us, urge us to recover consciously our connection to spirit. Waves of longing and desire for connection flow through our teenage selves, Enormous energies, matching the tremendous scope of this task. What could be more powerful than getting a sense of connection to our place in the total Universe, the physical and the spiritual Universe?

White culture insists this energy belongs to the priests alone, to be administered at times of their choosing, and is certainly not connected to our physical sexuality, which is thought to be sinful somehow. So the culture suppresses the spiritual as well as the physical expression of our desires. So these enormous awakening energies, have no cultural container or appropriate ritual, no way for the young person to understand and flow with them, No wonder they appear to go crazy!!

We must not continue to try to control and shame teens into “better” behaviour.

We must find ways to celebrate teens in song, dance and spiritual rituals, to help them sublimate their desires to be intimate with each other in spiritual as well as physical expression, so they may awaken, now consciously, to that place from which we all came, and be ready to play their full part in creation, as creative spiritual beings, in creation…

Donato Cianci, Aug. 28  2015