Friday, November 2, 2012

Heretical Thoughts

Heretical Thoughts

The culture of science has to change

When has science ever done anything except give matches to babies, so they could burn the the house down? Or rather, when have we or scientists ever used our free will to limit our use of free will so as to use our scientific discoveries only for beneficial ends?

Our use of science has led us into a territory of massive human and domestic animal population increase, massive consumption and waste, and life-destroying climate change. If I am canoeing a river, I scout the rapids I encounter, to ensure they are passable. If I see they are not, I portage around. We have canoed the river of science without first scouting its rapids.

The earth is in transition

And so are we. Our culture has to adapt, or we and it will die together.

What we must do is focus on our soul work, rather than our utilitarian head and body work. If it’s not enhancing our soul, don’t do it.

We must seek knowledge for its own sake, not for purely utilitarian ends. Observe the butterfly in all the phases of her life, for her beauty, for the merging of her soul with ours, not cutting her up to find a chemical we could sell for a profit.

Our culture must change to focus on frugality and stewardship of all around rather than consumption, as a measure of status and feelings of self worth. Combine this with the moral imperative that our soul work be our main work in life, and recognize we are one with the Planet, a product of and engaged in, her creative effort.

As members of Planet Earth, a member of the Universe, we are with her engaged in creativity, nothing more, nothing less. As the members of our body trust the whole, and their part in the whole, so we can trust the Planet, and our part in her endeavors.

Time is a concept, not a reality.
Time does not exist, what exists and is constant is newness, creativity.

Cause is a concept, not a reality.
Everything is in constant flux and flow. It is artificial and often not helpful, to isolate parts of it and say, this is what happened and what it caused. If you want a rope to be useful, you have to use it entire, not cut it up into parts, trying to use each separately. Always see the whole first, before examining what you call the parts.

Treat everything living and non-living, as holy. Treat everything living and non-living with heart.

As members of the Universe, we are moral beings. As we trust the part we play in the unfolding Universe, we can trust our own morality.

Think of the effect on the children, of every decision you make.

Donato Nov. 2 2012