Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Science Has No Moral Compass

From Archimedes to Einstein, scientists have always been in the business of giving matches to babies and then walking away as the house burns down. Their engineering creations have put all life on the planet in jeopardy. Science is without morals, and scientists like it that way. They collect their salaries and rewards, and life on the planet pays the price of their egotism. I am a P.Eng. and I know first hand their arrogance and sureness, lack of humility, and willingness to do what the boss wants..

Since the invention of agriculture and the wheel, humans have used every product of human ingenuity and (prophetic) leadership to wage war on each other and on the planet's life resources by increasing without limit the human population and human's addictions to consumption. Science today is the chief tool used by global corporations to pursue their headlong rush to destroy all life on the planet…

The University I went to as a student in 1951 gave us the academic shelter of old stone and brick and wood buildings, where the first year students were deliberately taught by the top professors and Deans of the faculties, in order to give us the best possible start. Then there were 5000 students. Today, there are are 50 000, taught by underpaid, overworked academic assistants,  in glass and steel buildings looming on the skyline more like nuclear reactors than havens of wisdom and learning. The seeds of the worship of science were being sown even back then, as money to study poetry disappeared into the maw of engineering sciences... Nothing good has come of humans substituting computer war games for hearing a bard declaim Homer, or the wisdom of Sophocles...

Sunday, September 8, 2013

I am my universe

I am my universe
The only one I know
The only one I can know
When I die
When my apparatus dies
The universe it knew
Will be gone
And I that drop of water
Will become the Ocean...

Donato Sept. 8  2013