Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Threats and Opportunities

Threats and opportunities

In my dream a long time ago God spoke to me and said I give you what you want before you ask

And so all I want is opportunities to grow my soul, and here they are, all available now, not least because I can now recognize them...


climate change, water, air and land pollution and shortages
global ecosystem and monetary economic system collapses
End of cheap energy and cheap food
authoritarianism, violence and civil unrest and warfare
scarcity of social justice
lack of trust among neighbors, between communities, in governments, in justice systems
Justice systems become control of resources systems favoring the rich
class warfare
epidemic disease, failure of health care systems, constant stress from unhealthy life styles, unhealthy environments, excess human populations
ignorance, inability to do critical thinking, failure of education and information systems
Environmental pollution, and resulting diseases, destruction of ocean and land ecosystems, shortages of oxygen,
Disease from radiation, nuclear meltdowns and warfare and radiation emitting industrial products
All the many mental, physical, emotional ills and imbalances that come from being out of touch spiritually with spirit, with the earth part of ourselves.

Antidotes and opportunities

Aim for community
Learning interesting stuff useful survival skills
Frequent study circles rather than discussions and arguments
emotional support groups
creative work, writing, poetry, photos
gardening, for self and bees and birds
dinners with others
cycling adventures
travel adventures
garage sales, giveaways, dinners, (chick) swaps

Our conversations are not about me convincing you of anything, although I might get energy from that, they are about me learning something, but really, the core of them for me is what God promised me, the opportunity to grow my soul, what I asked for and always have, without knowing that was what I wanted.

Donato Cianci    Mar. 4  2014