Sunday, January 4, 2015

Notes on diet re health

notes on diet re health 

My last words… on nutrition and health. After this, I’m done talking about it.  

If you want to be happy
And live without strife
Get the cows and the cars
Right out of your life.

Old Chinese? proverb

If you want to be happy
For a month
Get married
If you want to be happy
For a year
Kill the pig
If you want to be happy
Be a gardener

For the past ten years I’ve had the most satisfying relationship ever in my nearly 80 years of life with my own body and health,  and with the animals my friends, by adopting a vegan lifestyle. I will no longer contribute to suffering by eating animals or their products. contributes the best single source of evidence for the primary role of diet in our health since the China Study by T. Colin Campbell ( which did scientifically impeccable studies on about 700 000 Chinese) .

Dr. Michel Greger at posts hundreds of evidence based studies by independent researchers which demonstrate conclusively, irrefutably, that the way to live long and stay healthy is to go vegan, cut out all meat, dairy and eggs from your diet. He is not selling supplements, says the data shows ordinary vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains and seeds, will do just as well.

Two stories I like:

Lactose intolerant people ( who must stay away from dairy ) suffer significantly less from most cancers than their siblings and the general population. 
Seventh Day Adventists are  healthier and live longer than Baptists. Both groups stay away from alcohol and smoking, but Adventists also stay away from meat, and those Adventists who are vegetarian are healthier than the rest, and those that are vegan are the most healthy of all.
a single egg a day significantly lowers lifespans.
3 eggs a week damages cardiovascular health and lowers lifespans as much as a pack a day cigarette habit.
Dr. David Spence,  30 years as stroke prevention researcher in Robarts Lab in London Ontario.

You can read this stuff, follow the ideas and get control over your health and your food habits. Or you can continue to fight your bodies addictions, risk getting fatter, and dying earlier in more misery than you need to. Your choice. I’m done talking about it.