Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Donato’s Habitat Structure

Donato’s Habitat Structure

1. Daily Living

Being is my only time ( Heidigger? ). Because I will never experience the moment of my death, in my own time, the only time I will know, I am immortal.

2. The Philosophy of it all:

1. Treat all living and non-living as beings worthy of and requiring respect. Act to them as I would to my own children and those humans beloved to me. They have an equal right with me to be consulted and agree to their usage and treatment. This puts a question to our moral attitudes to our consumption habits.

There is a moral question in our every act, and also a scientific, fact, question. The line dividing them is a singularity, yet part of the same equation governing our lives.

Since we are obliged by both morals and science not to consume more resources than the resources themselves would allow... we are subject to natural controls on our consumption as are all other living creatures, the grasses, trees, squirrels, grasshoppers, wolves....

I may defend a rock from depredation with as much will as defend an infant cruelly mauled...

Travelling a road crowded
Cars busses trucks
I see the land either side
Filled with cedars parked
Waiting interminably imperturbably
To inhabit
This road s spaces too

Apr. 1 2011

I have a wallet filled
With money of my past earned
I use now to experience
My present.

3. “Will”

Clearly exists, whether mine or the Universe I know not, nor can know. Any more than proverbial fish knows it s water. I may act as if it belongs to me, emanates in me, or, as if I join, knowing or unknowing, in the Universal Stream of constant creation, continuous outward expansion into new forms. The existence of creative flow I verify in my daily experience, though it be mine alone, perhaps shared by others, what ever that might mean to us. ( Another something I cannot know, your experience of our conversations).

If I imagine myself walking a path, following the signs,, I am at peace with all events, interested in all, self-protective by old habit fearing danger, but truly, no need, since I will not die until I do, though my fear of that event may keep me from a full experience of the present live moment.

in any case, I will not experience my actual death, being alive until it happens, and then, without feeling or knowing of it when it does, since I cannot recognise something I have never before seen or felt. ( unless perchance my DNA incorporates a sequence programmed to show me this event. Perhaps...?)

As for my acts, they are useful only to me. Even in charity, supposedly for another’s gain, my sacrifice, I am enjoined by the Upanishads (5000 years ago) Diamond Sutra, “Judge not the object of your charity”. That is to say, what he gets from it, does with it, for good or ill, is his karma, his concern, not mine to know or care. I do the charity for my sake, from my own impulse, out of my aliveness.

Those who differ from me by too great a measure by my count, are in another culture, another agglomeration of rules for right living. They interest me, but do not concern me. It is as if we live on different islands, able to observe but not to serve, each other.

4. In sum

On my Life ( and Death)

Rabbit tracks in snow

Fri. Mar. 25

The Latin for “lived”
is “visit’

The Romans knew we are all visitors here.

Right now I am in Starbucks coffee shop in the “heart” of the city, noise bustle, meddling all around. I know not which is more present to me, the inconsequential nonsense of omni Muzak, or the babbling of the Bay Street dressed obsessed man behind emitting a continual monologue to an unseen listener... or my writing this....
Donato Mar. 31 2011