Friday, April 12, 2013

Human Immigration in Evolution

Human Immigration in Evolution
(We do not know how to live here)

When humans emigrated from Europe to North America their initial survival depended on their learning from those natives already here how to survive in this place. Later they were able to bring such numbers that they could convert the land to what they were used to in Europe and thus continue their old  practices, laying waste the waterways, and the soil and air and destroying the local life.

It’s clear in evolutionary time, the  human immigration onto planet earth after a few millennia, ceased to learn how to live here from those already here, the wolves and others, for example, who had been successful here for many millions of years. The humans that we have become do not know how to live here. Do not know how to survive here, any better than Franklin knew how to survive in the Arctic, and moreover refused out of stupid pride to learn from the wolves and the Eskimos.

We will only survive by losing our stupid pride, admitting we do not know how to live here, and looking to the animals once more as our guides and teachers.

Donato April 12  2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why am I Vegan?

Why am I Vegan?

I became Vegan a few years ago because I read some evidence based studies that persuaded me my food habits and addictions severely damaged my body and its functioning, reducing my life expectancy. I realized and knew I was risking debilitating disease instead of a quiet and peaceful old age.

 I remain Vegan because I now daily have a much more satisfactory experience of my body. I now have far more satisfaction in all my mental functioning around health and well-being, than ever I had being a meat, dairy and egg eater. Before I became Vegan I had an ambivalent, almost schizoid, experience of myself around food. I loved and craved the succulent flavors of meat and dairy products, eggs and bacon. I felt guilty eating these knowing how the animals were treated to produce my food. I felt overstuffed and guilty after every major dinner, and I could not stop gaining weight, no matter the difficult and anxiety producing the diets I tried.

All that anxiety and guilt is in the past. Being Vegan has set me free to be my best self, to cease being at war with myself. To eat as much as I want, whenever I want, without fear of weight gain or bad health caused by food. The virtue I feel at taking care of my whole body/mind connection this way, far outweighs the occasional craving I still feel for a meal of fat and sweet. And I no longer contribute to the 18% of greenhouse gases the meat animals make. And as a bonus, I feel a kind of spiritual glow around the ritual of preparing food, choosing what I will eat, knowing what I want to eat just then, and why.

Donato April 11 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Predator fishes
Of our time
They have no predators
To limit to eliminate
Their appetites
So they will
In time
Eat each other

April 9 2013

Capitalism- a Life Destroying Virus

Capitalist global financial systems treat everything as objects to be owned, bought, sold, exploited, for accrual of what is called wealth by the rich. They foster wars, poverty, disease, and destruction of the ecosystem for all forms of life. Only a tiny fraction of humans have historically benefitted from capitalist systems of money, commerce, science.. All the rest have certainly increased population numbers, but not in quality of life, and that life is about to be extinguished along with most other forms of it, by the waste making and ecosystem destruction of global capitalism. The buildings, apparatus, infrastructure of Global Capitalism make slaves of its human operators, all dedicated and addicted to increased consumption and waste-making.

 As only one example, people go to work for oil companies, from the CEO to the floor sweepers, because these companies offer a job that they think they need. Politicians do what oil companies want for the same reasons. The company, its buildings and soulless apparatus,  is in charge of its own future and that is, that of a self-destructive robot. No human agency will stop their march to doom us all. When the oil runs out, they will buy up Monsanto etc. and find a way to keep going awhile, as did the cigarette companies when their market began to shrink.

In my vision, the wolves have existed for 20 million years, in what I see as a near ideal form of life and culture, given their body type and abilities. Early humans must have had at least the same qualities. I don’t believe their lives were nasty and brutish, any more than is robin’s (who also finds plenty of time to sing) , and certainly not in the way that billions of humans now suffer physically and emotionally daily. 

If our young people today can organize in small self-sufficient pods as do the wolves, making optimum use of “small” science, they may have some resilience to survive the climate change, starvation, pestilence epidemics, civil wars, cultural collapse, contained in the future of global capitalism.