Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Trump Phenomenon..letter to a friend

Dear Friend your word that you felt shame over the election shocked me, and I was surprised at my reaction. Of course I don't ever want you to feel ashamed, particularly over what other people do or don't. So I had to reflect on what I myself was feeling and after some time, came up with what follows...

My Musings on the Trump Phenomenon

Oh I am really feeling the pain these days of those of us who are reacting with fear and dismay to the unexpected win of the US Presidency by the ultimate narcissistic ignorance of Donald Trump. And also the pain of many of his supporters who felt they had no choice but to take a chance on his being able to do and actually doing what he said he would to distribute the resources of the USA more honestly and fairly. The pain of those who are realizing they have lost their democracy, that neither of their two traditional parties has been defending their democratic constitution. They feel themselves staring into the abyss of the unknown. 

Every day there seems to be something in the news of the world stage that I ought to react to with either fear or celebration.. A lot of it is in the unknown future, or a manifestation of the reportage which I might not agree with had I witnessed the events they describe… I give myself hope by learning to become detached from my desire for any particular outcome, to become detached from excessive and destabilizing emotionality when the unexpected occurs.

  I daily follow the path I know to be mine, where it leads I know not, so am learning not to have expectations and just continue to be interested in what actually occurs. This way, I won’t have a problem, until I do. As for being upset at the apparent decisions of the collective to which I belong, country, race etc.etc. or those with whom I must interact, I am my own moral compass, and choose whether to follow the collective, or not. Certainly, I wish us all well, that the miserable become happy, that moments of joy occur to all. And so walk seeking to project compassion and universal love onto all living and non-living… I know some wise old trees who have the same attitude….

In Peace  Donato Nov. 16  2016

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